//No deal, no party!

No deal, no party!

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di  CHARON PRATI, EDWARD CHUKWUNYERE –  How a no-deal Brexit will affect the tourism industry. It’s probably too early to start booking summer holidays, but for millions of tourists the threat of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal could turn their holiday dreams into a nightmare. People travelling to and from the UK can expect serious troubles, as flights, currency, insurance, mobile phone roaming and passport control are all likely to be affected.   Let’s have a look at what may happen if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.   BORDERS UK passengers may no longer benefit from full EU rights to move freely. This would cause long queues at passport control, as they will be treated as those coming from a “third country”.   TRANSPORT As for air travel, airfares may rise substantially, thus affecting the main low budget airlines like Ryanair and Easy Jet. But the UK Government is reassuring consumers on the possibility of still booking flights after March 29th, even though EU countries could be free to forbid flights between the UK and the EU. However, both sides have made it very clear that they want flights to and from the UK to continue in any case.   TRAVEL DOCUMENTS EU travellers will not need any visa to enter the UK, but as of 2021 they will need the ESTIA form (European Travel Information and Authorization Scheme). However, British citizens should make sure they have at least six months’ validity left on their passport to enter EU countries.   DRIVING LICENSES If no agreement is reached, it will be highly advisable for UK travellers to possess an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in the EU.   MEDICAL EMERGENCIES AND INSURANCE In the event of a no-deal Brexit, UK travellers are surely going to deal with a big change in terms of insurance and healthcare. Currently UK travellers are benefiting from free medical care, but without a deal the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may no longer be valid.   MOBILE PHONES A no-deal scenario could also have a deep impact on mobile phones and data roaming. The “roam like home” agreement will no longer be valid. Mobile networks may have to raise charges on roaming services, thus making it more expensive for travellers to access data, make calls and send text messages.   CURRENCY Travelling to the EU will surely get more expensive for UK citizens, as the value of the sterling is expected to decrease. On the other hand, this will make the UK an even more attractive place to visit for EU travellers, because of a more favourable exchange rate.   The political process is still going on, but the chances of the UK leaving the European Union without a deal remain high. This is causing a strong sense of uncertainty in the tourism industry. All eyes will be on the UK’s parliament over the coming weeks and travel experts hope that some kind of compromise will be reached. In the picture above Banksy does Brexit (detail) Banksy,  whose identity is still unknown, is considered as one of thegreatest artists of street art.