//Report Calatia’s Museum

Report Calatia’s Museum

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We went to the Calatia’s Museum. Calatia is the old Latin name of our little town: Maddaloni. Before we started the guided tour, we did a little break in the garden. Then, we went in the first room, after we put away our backpacks and our jackets. The first thing that we saw it was a realistic statue of a man of the VIII century b.C and a very old tomb, that were discovered right here, in Maddaloni! The guide explained that in the men’s tomb there was always objects that he used in his life, for showing what he had and what he didn’t have: for example, in this tomb (left picture) you can find a strange iron wheel, which served to stop the wagon. So, in this case, the man wanted to show that he had a wagon! In this tomb, you can see other objects too, like some amphorae, for celebrate. The man (right picture) is a very realistic statue of a man that lived in the VIII century b.C. You can see his clothes: they were for hunt. He has a spear, a long wooden rod with a pointed stone on its top. Always in the same room there was a fresco on the wall, with two figures: one of them is female, the other one is male. The female figure is a goddess, meanwhile the male figure is Ermes, a Greek god. In this fresco you can find some angels decorations too. After the first room, we went to the second one. In the new room there was the women’s tomb objects: knifes, amphorae for water and for wine, things for cooking. The women always used the loom, especially the noble women. After the second room, we went in the successive room. Before we entered, the guide sad that we must look up before anything. If you looked up, you could see a beautiful decoration on the ceiling! It was a normal decoration for the noble women’s rooms. The picture on the right shows a noble woman’s face, with someStop-plait on her hair. Those were heavy, so they used them just in the special occasions. The women used some giant tie-pin, which were very useless for hold the cloaks. There was some lucky-charms for give luck for the birth of a baby. The dresses of the women usually were of a light blue color, but them could be red or of a dark yellow too. The women had some jewels of a really bright color, that now there isn’t anymore. The girls used make-up and some perfume, which was in some pots. There were a lot of different wishes too. There was this special vessel called “Dinos”: the Dinoshad drawn a waterflown on it. Like a waterflown for search something to eat goes underwater, they hoped that the deceased did the same thing but with a new life. Another wish was the one of the Cock too: they wished with this cock to have a good awakening. There was the Mastos too. In the Mastos you could mix up some species and water. In the women’s tomb, sometimes you could find a cheese grater: with the cheese grater you could have some grated cheese to mix with the wine. This beverage is the Kykeon( Ciceone). The Calatia’s Palace is being destroyed for many times, but we always saved it!   Wrote by: Rosa Mataluna 1°D  I.C  Aldo Moro  Maddaloni